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Search Engine Optimization

Over the years, what I have learned as SEO expert is that improving a business website page rank brings the much-needed business to its doorstep. Jerry Marcellus understands the benefits of SEO and thus in a better position to develop the best SEO tactics for your business. Not only do I provide search engine optimization strategies to local businesses but to global clients too. To stay ahead of your competition in this fast paced global economy, your business needs the best SEO strategies.

What is SEO?

Today, the world relies upon technology to improve business relations. That is why within a single second the following happens: 7,612 tweets are sent, 781 Instagram photos are uploaded, 1241 Tumblr posts are completed, 44,605 GB of internet traffic, 60,300 Google searches are made and 69,238 YouTube videos are watched. This is according to Internet Live Stats 2017.

As per the above stats, it shows how important a strategic online presence is for any business whether it’s a large corporation or a pop shop. What you need to know is that Google and other search engines usually compile a list of websites related to your online search. They accomplish this through the use of proprietary algorithms which help with the analysis of a website online authority. Some of the factors search engines use when it comes to page rank include:

      1. Relevant, engaging, informative and entertaining content

      2. Relevant links

      3. The number of visitors to your website

Importance of Google in SEO

What you need to know is that Google controls 76% share of desktop search engine market as well as 95% of mobile search. This is according to NetMarketShare (2016). In 2012, SearchEngineLand (2016) revealed that Google had 1.2 trillion searches which rose to over 2 trillion in 2016.

As a result, the top position on Google mobile search was found to have a 31.35% click through rate and when it comes to desktop search, the number rises to 34.36%. This is according to Advance Web Ranking, 2015.

Who needs SEO?

It is important to note that SEO is vital for any business as it helps to drive consumers who either purchase or subscribe to your website. Whether you are running a brick and mortar shop, an e-commerce website or book store, SEO helps to connect your business with customers. This ensures your business gets to earn profits.

According to Retailing Today (2014), 81% of shoppers research for products online before making a purchase. 72% of consumers who performed a local internet search visited a store within five miles of their home. (WordStream, 2016)

According to HubSpot (2016), 50% of online visitors who performed an internet search visited a store within the same day while 46% of Google searches were for local businesses.

How Jerry Marcellus SEO works?

What I discovered is that the top three results of any search engine result attract the most traffic and 75% of online users never navigate past the first page of the search engine results. (SearchEngineJournal, 2016) That is why the goal of Jerry Marcellus SEO is to improve page rank and click through rate for your website.

At Jerry Marcellus, I’m able to accomplish this by:

      1. Developing fresh, relevant, informative and entertaining content

      2. Building backlinks through our connections with respected blogs and websites in your industry

      3. Guest blogging

      4. Improving page load times

Working with me I will not only ensure that the best SEO strategies are developed for your business but we will research your competitors and come up with plans to help you stay ahead of them.

I caution our customers’ about companies which utilize automated tools to build links. This has been found to cause irreparable damage to websites and if discovered, search engines like Google impose heavy penalties. Jerry Marcellus implements only white hat SEO techniques to ensure our clients’ businesses continue to thrive.

During consultation with me, a recommendation for Pay per Click ads will be made. This is because Pay per Click ads allows upcoming businesses to improve brand recognition and awareness. Furthermore, PPC ads appear above SEO ads on search engine results and deliver quick results but when the budget is expended, the ads will cease. That is why we recommend SEO as a long term campaign to deliver better results.

SEO costs

One thing you need to note is that there are no industry standard SEO charges. Different companies offer extremely cheap services to overpriced packages. To attain value for your business, it’s wise to focus on your ROI. That is why at Jerry Marcellus, I have come up with successful SEO packages centered on your business needs and budget. As a result, our team will improve your page rank, traffic, and conversion for your business. This will generate a positive ROI for your company.

What customers will gain from working with Jerry Marcellus

Jerry Marcellus takes client relationships very seriously and that is why without our clients, we cease to exist. Working with our team has the following benefits to our clients.

  • Unique SEO campaign

Working with us ensures that your business benefits from the best SEO campaigns and social media strategies. I will come up with solutions that utilize your marketing dollars effectively. That is why campaigns developed by us are tailored to your needs. As a result, I will deliver your target audience to your website.

  • One on one service

I work with only one business per industry per location. This has helped to eliminate chances of having a conflict of interest which means I will deliver only original ideas to your business.

  • Personal consideration

At Jerry Marcellus, I understand how important your business is and that is why I provide my clients with our personal contact information, for example, email and Skype. This ensures that you receive the immediate help you need.

  • Favorable contract

Unlike our competitors who require their clients to sign long term contracts, Jerry Marcellus offers value for your money. If you are unsatisfied with our services, you can cancel at any time.

  • Unique strategies

Search engines like Google keep updating their search algorithms in order to provide online users with the information they want. The Jerry Marcellus keeps a tab on all minor and major changes made by Google and other search engines. From these, the team comes up with unique strategies that work with the updates. As a result, my clients are assured of staying ahead of their competitors as well as having access to the most advanced  SEO methods.

That is why you didn’t find Jerry Marcellus, my SEO strategies found you.

Do you want to attract local and international customers without spending a huge marketing budget? Call us today and let me work wonders for your business website.

Who is Jerry Marcellus?

      1. I’m talented, knowledgeable and experienced SEO that connects businesses with consumers via SEO

      2. I’m are the best at what we do and that is why I come up with unique SEO strategies for your business

      3. I’m loyal to my customers and partner with only one company within an industry and a particular geographical location

      4. I’m creative and will work round the clock to improve your page rank and organic traffic

      5. I’m Jerry Marcellus.

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