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Link Building

Link building plays an important part when it comes to attracting unique visitors to a blog or improving page rank. The problem is many people are not familiar with the best ways to go about building credible and high-quality links.

For me, I started learning marketing and implementing various strategies in 2012 and today, I have become one of the most sought after marketing expert. Back to link building. As a website owner, it is important to know that using white hat link building techniques will surely ensure improved page rank.

Below are the best methods to help you build credible and high-quality links

You probably have come across numerous link building guides available on the internet. In the articles, the writer explained what you needed to do in order to build high-quality links for your website. Chances are you probably ended up following all ideas precisely. This approach would have worked a decade ago but today, the online audience is more social. So, if you want to build high-quality links, here are 15 ways to do so.

Develop a website for people not search engines

It is a common mistake among website owners to build a website following rules and regulations laid down by search engine providers. While this is important, it does not play a major role. One thing you need to know as a website owner is that search engines are basically bots run by algorithms. So, if you want to build high-quality links, build a website for people.

Take Wikipedia for instance. It is one of the most popular websites and it’s known to dominate Google search results thanks to high-quality link building. Why? The website is built for people not for search engines.

Use guest posting

As an upcoming blogger, it is important to know that you have an uphill task especially if you want to appear on the first page of search engine results as well as attract over 100,000 unique online visitors every month. What many bloggers have forgotten is that guest blogging is a powerful tool that can attract more visitors to one’s blog. Let’s assume you blog about pets. Writing content for your blog is great but when you post free blogs on highly reputable blogs in your niche, then you are assured of high-quality link building. How? The blog will give you a backlink in the byline as a reward for your content.

Have a positive impact

To own a highly reputable website, you have to ensure that it serves a useful purpose to the users. For instance, social media platforms like Facebook allow people to keep in touch while Twitter enables users to discuss vital issues that affect the society. On the other hand, YouTube is both entertaining and educational.

When building your website, ask yourself- how useful the website will be to the people? Will you help online visitors learn how to make money while at home? Will you help online users avoid get rich quick schemes and other online scams? Regardless of the information you post, it has to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

Take a look at your competitors’ backlinks

Competitors Dentist New York Backlink Example

As a website owner, it is important to understand that you have competitors. In this case, your competitors are other website owners who are trying to rank for the same keywords as you are. For example, let’s assume you are a dentist with an office in New York. You are trying to attract customers within New York area. Some of the keywords you may use include “dentist New York”, “New York dentist” or “dental clinic New York.” One thing you need to understand is that you are not the only one trying to rank for the above keywords.

To build high-quality links, start by checking your competitors’ backlinks. How do you do this? Simply search and find the website that ranks higher than you for the same keywords. Use Yahoo and you should view its Google backlinks. If there are freely available backlinks, incorporate them to rank higher. Furthermore, they can give you ideas on which links will help you rank better.

Comment on blogs

Leaving comments on other blogs with links to your website is a great way of building high-quality links. One thing you need to know is that most blog comments are actually no-follow. This means that search engines bots are instructed not to give weight to the link. The good news is that Yahoo and Bing give weight to links in blog comments and this could draw online visitors to your blog.

To post comments on other blogs, just find highly reputable blogs within your niche and comment on a particular article. Remember not to spam.

Check out Flippa

For those who are not familiar with Flippa, it’s a platform that allows website owners to buy or sell websites. The platform has an interactive community that can allow you to find useful links even though you are not selling or buying a website.

The platform hosts a number of repeat sellers who ranked highly on Google. By checking out their website, you will find that they are ranked highly for keywords and phrases that generate thousands of dollars. Checking out their backlinks will provide you with easy to duplicate tactics and links to make your website rank higher.

Content is king

Yes, content still remains the king but everything has changed since the introduction of social media sharing. In the past, it was enough to simply write informative and relevant content resulting in one receiving hundreds of links. Today, people are into sharing what they have read with others via social media rather than just reading content and moving on. If you want to build high-quality links, not only should you write informative, relevant and engaging content but you should style it the way your online visitors want. If they love memes or GIFs, use them. This is the same with video excerpts.

Engage with social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking websites like Delicious play an important role when it comes building high-quality links. For starters, Delicious is known to offer website owners and bloggers a place to store their favorite links. This is very useful, unlike the browser bookmark tool. By incorporating tools like Bookmarking Demon, you can automate the process. On the other hand, you can opt to hire someone from well-known forums like Digitalpoint or WAHM to help you submit links to hundreds of sites.

Incorporate links with your forum signatures

As a blogger or website owner, you probably have an account in one of the popular community forums where like-minded people discuss issues centered on your niche. The good news is that you can take advantage of this and end up building high-quality links. Here is how. Forums allow users to have a followed link with their signature. This means that every time you make a post, other users will view your link. One thing you ought to remember is – do not concentrate on posting your links on a single forum only. Diversify to other forums as this will help to add credibility to your links.

Use free content websites

As said earlier, content is king and as such, it is important to capitalize on this. You probably have heard about Squidoo and Hubpages. These are websites that allow website owners and bloggers to create an account, write relevant and informative content finally linking the content to a website. One thing you need to know is that these platforms are not friendly to spammers so be wise when posting. To prevent this, create engaging and relevant content. Don’t throw links around just for the sake of it. By creating engaging and informative content, the community will receive it better finally improving your page rank.

Don’t forget to use article directories

Article directories like Ezine articles have been around for quite some time now. If you are not familiar with article directories, this refers to a platform that allows bloggers and website owners to post relevant content pertaining to a particular niche. The goal is to attract visitors to one’s website as well as create high-quality links. Ezine Article is the most trusted article directory and it has one of the most interactive community. You can take advantage of its features such as the author box to place your links. Readers can simply click on the links and be redirected to your website.

Work with social influencers

Social media plays a vital role especially when it comes to marketing. Working with social media influencers can guarantee you increased traffic to your website. If your idea is unique and interesting, you will find online users who are interested. Social media influencers basically use their power to advertise your blog or products. For example, a social media influencer may visit your store or café, take a picture or write an informative content. This will be shared with millions of followers online and as a result, your website will experience the unique visitors.

Interview influential people in your industry

The good thing about interviewing high profile people within your industry is that you will end up getting the right attention. There are two ways of approaching this. The first method involves you interviewing high profile people and link back the interview to your website. You can also opt to make the interview interactive and allow the interviewee to answer your online visitors’ questions.

Develop an appealing website

Today, a beautiful website plays an important role when it comes to attracting online visitors as well as building links. What should you incorporate? For starters, the underlying technology should be responsive. This makes your website adaptive across multiple devices. As a responsive website, it becomes automatically mobile friendly. This allows users to interact with your website easier via smart devices. Colors, icons, menus, navigation bar, header, slider, footer, videos, and photos should be incorporated expertly. To harmonize the above components and create an attractive website, it’s wise to hire professionals. One of the best places to find professional website designers is ThemeForest.

Develop amazing resource

It is important to understand that online visitors are always in search for information. Information helps to solve a problem or impact someone’s life positively. As a website owner or blogger, it’s imperative that you develop amazing resources. The content can be bundled into an eBook to motivate online visitors positively. For example, you can create an eBook on healthy foods and recipes that help people lose weight fast, naturally and safely. You can have a landing page created for you where online visitors can sign up before downloading. As a result, not only you will be able to create an email list but you will get to build links too.

Link Building – What to avoid

Yes, search engines reward websites with lots of links by ranking them higher. The problem· is they are strict about link building. To prevent your website from being penalized, here is what you need to avoid:

  • Never build you links quickly

Search engines monitor different websites with the purpose of ensuring that none is engaging in black hat SEO techniques especially when it comes to link building. To avoid being penalized, avoid building links fast. They will appear unnatural.

  • Avoid spamming

The majority of website owners or bloggers may not be patient and let time help in building credible links. So, they end up using black hat techniques such as spamming free content websites or article directories. To create credible links, avoid spamming.

  • Avoid link exchanges

Link exchanges worked over a decade ago and today, they are considered as outdated. So, avoid using them.

  • Building your links around a single phrase

Diversify your phrases so as to make your links natural.

Final Thoughts

If you want to generate income with your website, you have to improve the visitors’ numbers and your page rank on search engine results. One of the best ways of doing so is through link building. The top 5 ways you can use to create credible and high-quality links include guest posting, checking competitors’ backlinks, developing engaging content, working with social media influencers and developing a great site.

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