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Dentist New York City Manhattan

Example purposes only: Dentist New York City Manhattan

What is Local map SEO?

Do you know that one of the best methods that can help you improve your business as well as attain top position on Google search results involves the implementation of local map SEO strategies? Apart from that, it can help you connect with local customers thus improving your business.

Let’s face it. The internet has changed the way business is conducted. A few decades ago, shopping at the local store was the only way to buy stuff. Today, shoppers have a chance of buying goods from online stores. Furthermore, they can interact with retailers and service providers the world over.

To stay relevant in this fast past paced world, local businesses must use strategies designed to bring customers right to their doorstep. That is why understanding a strong local SEO campaign is important for your business.

This refers to SEO techniques implemented by experts to help a business improve its page rank on Google’s search engine results as well as on local Google maps. Let’s face it. Google is the most popular search engine and as a result, it is able to scan millions of websites to provide users with the information they want. This is attributed to its unique and proprietary algorithms. SEO experts utilize their understanding of the algorithms to come up with marketing plans which help to improve page rank.

On the other hand, online visitors utilize keywords when searching for information. In turn, Google curates the search results to fit the user’s search and location. For example, if you are searching using the following keyword “dentist New York.” Google will not provide a list of dentists from all over the world. They will provide a list of dentists located in New York. Even when you don’t provide a location, Google uses your IP address to triangulate your location thus curating results for your location. One thing you will notice from the search results is the availability of a small map besides a few of the results. This is what local map SEO is all about.

When your business is ranked among the top three mapped results, it’s not a guarantee that customers will automatically come to your business but you will experience improved traffic to your website. That is why you need local map SEO strategies.

Factors Google uses to locally rank websites

  • Relevance

Google algorithms search for key phrases that match a user’s search parameters. At the end, Google produces results unique to your local area. That is why your location trumps a website’s authority. Link building locally can improve your presence on the local map within your area. So, how do you go about building links locally? Start by networking, join the local Chamber of Commerce, list your website on community business listing, be involved in community or charity events plus connecting with local media. Thanks to the above activities, backlinks will be made back to your website.

  • Location

Google utilizes searchers information and location in order to improve local search results. As a result, when a searcher utilizes a keyword like “top 3 restaurants”, Google will use the searcher’s location and reveal the top 3 restaurants in the area.

  • Distance

Just like location, Google uses distance to display local businesses that are close to the searcher. This makes it easier for the searcher to select the closest business and make a purchase.

  • Reputation

Google scans information about your business from your website as well as other sources. As a result, it curates the results and provides online users with the information they are looking for.

Suggestions from Google to help improve your website

Here is what you need to know. The more information Google finds about your website, the better it is for you. SEO experts recommend the following suggestions which are similar to what Google recommends.

  • Have a business profile

Since Google bots want to find vital information about your business, it is wise to create a business profile. This is a great chance for you and your business to provide relevant information which will improve your local business listing.

  • Confirm the location of your business

By now you already know that location and distance are important when it comes to the local business listing. To improve your local presence, it’s wise to provide an accurate location of your business. This makes it convenient to your customers and other potential online visitors. It is recommended that website owners should incorporate a local map displaying the location of their business on the website.

  • Provide accurate working hours

Providing accurate working hours gives a chance for Google to share it on local searches. This is important in that online visitors will know when you are open and when you are closed. Make sure that you include holiday working hours too.

  • Connect with reviewers

Online visitors leave reviews about their experiences with your business. Whether they are positive or negative, interacting with your reviewers is very important. Connecting with your reviewers informs them that you care about their input. Furthermore, it provides information for Google to display under reviews.

  • Upload photos and videos

Photos and videos help online visitors to know more about your business, products, and services. So, provide more photos and videos.


As a business owner, it is important to focus more on your local SEO strategy. Why? Local customers are close by and thus it’s much easier to convince them. To attract more customers, implement the best local map strategies. This will help you reach out to local customers and improve your earnings. As a result, you will be able to expand to the global arena and attract global customers.

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