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male working on website designMarketing is an important aspect for any business. At website design Birmingham,Al, we know this to be true. Not only does marketing help to create awareness about the brand but the products and services produced or sold by the business. There was a time when businesses relied more on outbound marketing. If you are not familiar with outbound marketing, it refers to the traditional advertising methods used to create awareness among the masses.

Thanks to the popularity of search engines notably Google and improved internet access, outbound marketing has been pushed to the side. Enter inbound marketing. This is a form of marketing that utilizes the power of the internet to reach not only the local customers but global customers too.

There are several tactics employed under inbound marketing. Some of them include use of social media, email marketing, content creation, lead generation and search engine optimization. Despite the introduction of inbound marketing, there are some businesses that still rely on outbound marketing.

In this article, we will be comparing inbound marketing and outbound marketing thus providing businesses with the best choice.

Permission vs. interruption based

If you are still not familiar with outbound marketing, it refers to marketing methods that you probably grew up with. I am talking about radio, TV, posters, pamphlets, direct mail and bill boards among others. That is not all. Outbound marketing has also been implemented in the digital era. Examples include email blast, PPC and banner ads among others. What you ought to know is that marketing experts define outbound marketing as interruption based. Basically, its various forms are used to find a large group of users and interrupt with disassociated ads. For example, you may be watching a TV show on a cable network. After 15 minutes to half an hour, you are bound to be bombarded with more than 2 ads.

Inbound marketing is permission based. How? It requests the permission of users before communicating to them. For example, if you visit a particular manufacturer’s website, you will encounter an email opt in. All you have to do is fill in your first name and email so as to receive newsletters and news about their upcoming products and services.

Alabama web design

As a website owner, what you ought to know is that despite how technologically impressive your website is, visitors will not be attracted to browse your website automatically. To improve your web traffic, we offer customized web design solutions that will help to attract more visitors to your blog or business website.

It is important to understand that over 60% of your web traffic originates from smartphones and tablets.

To ensure that your website is mobile centric, website design Birmingham, Al experts are ready to make it responsive. As a result, your website will be able to adjust to any device resolution. This eliminates the need of running two website versions – mobile and desktop. Furthermore, you will improve user experience that online visitors demand.

That is not all. Our experts will ensure that your content which includes photos, videos, text and catchy slogans are all incorporated onto your website. By doing this, we will increase user engagement and lead conversions among others.

Connecting with new markets easily

Let’s face it. When it comes to outbound marketing, the profile of customers is the same. Why? It is difficult to segment the audience and target them specifically. Basically, all forms of outbound marketing such as radio and TV advertising are designed for targeting many people even though some of them are not interested in the product. For example a bridal shop wants to advertise its products and services. Selecting radio will not attract the right audience. Furthermore, TV will reach everyone – young, middle aged and old.

With inbound marketing, businesses are able to reach both targeted and wider audiences with services like SEO and social media marketing among others.

Final thoughts

Marketing is changing at a fundamental level thanks to the improvement of the internet. Today, users are mobile centric and thus they are able to purchase, sell, browse, search and interact with brands, products and services much easier. As a business, it is wise to seek the help of website design Birmingham,Al. Not only will the experts design a modern responsive website for you, they will optimize your website too.

Want to stay ahead of your competitors? Forget outbound marketing and embrace inbound marketing.

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